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Starter-Season 1

Season 1 is designed to simply get you into the kitchen and start building confidence. We will do nothing more complicated than stirring but we will still make you look good. 

Menu & Staples

S1E1-Bourbon & Meatball
(Nov 15, 2023)

Ice mold, rocks glasses, slow cooker, and spatula

S1E2-Wine & Mashed Potatoes
(Nov 29, 2023)

Wine key, red wine glasses, and wooden spoon

S1E4-Champagne & Kahlua Pork
(Dec 13, 2023)

Liquid smoke, Kosher salt, champagne flute

S1E5-Beer & Chicken Noodle Soup
(Dec 20, 2023)

Bottle opener, beer mug, and big pot for soup

S1E6-Cape Cod & Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup
(Dec 27, 2023)

Highball glass

S1E7-Black Russian & Pork Chop
(Jan 3, 2024)

Aluminum foil and oil

S1E8-Highball & Pesto Chicken
(Jan 10, 2023)

Bar spoon (Lindsey's Rabbit)

S1E9-Rum and Coke & Butternut Squash Soup
(Jan 17, 2024)

Butter (hard and soft), cheese knife, and marble cutting board

S1E10-Shandy & Frozen Lasagna
(Jan 24, 2024)

Pan for lasagna and beer glass

S1E11-Gin and tonic & Clam Chowder
(Jan 31, 2024)


S1E12-Hot toddy & Repackaged Asian
(Feb 7, 2024)

Tea cup

S1E13-Seasonal Beer & Pizza
(Feb 14, 2023)

Pizza dish

S1E14-Royal Tea & Dessert (puff pastry)
(Feb 21, 2024)

Cookie sheet and Wax paper

S1E15-Mimosa & Breakfast New Orleans
(Feb 28, 2024)

Pan and ladle</br></br>

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Series 1-Starter

Episode 3 Artichoke heart dip & baguette

I give you permission to make mistakes in the kitchen

Coming in january 2024

Middle Reliever-Season 2

Season 2 starts with video 16.

This section will introduce you to measuring. By the end you will be a stirring and measuring guru.

Menu & Staples


Items Required
Tools required


Items Required
Tools required


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Series 2

Episode 16

Tasty Little Accidents

coming in may 2024


The Closer section starts on episode 31.

This section will introduce you to timing. By the time you get to the end of this section you should have all the confidence you need in the kitchen.



Items Required
Tools required


Items Required
Tools required

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Series 3

Episode 31